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By January 8, 2016 General

Consider this:

  • According to the most recent projections from the UN, older people (60 and over) will outnumber children in 2047.
  • The fertility decline over the last half of the century is one of the main factors of global aging from 5.0 children to 2.5 today.
  • 70 percent of the worlds population could fall below the replacement level by the end of the century


The Baby Boom generation is working longer, having survived the economic downturn of 2008. They are coping with the dramatic increases in college tuition for their children coupled with the lack of jobs with benefits for their college graduates. They are managing one or more chronic conditions (on average) and can’t see the clear path to finance their longevity.


Major companies are pivoting into the longevity marketplace. Many are large and obvious – like health care, pharmaceuticals and financial services. Some are surprising – like on-demand marketplace leaders airbnb, Lyft and Uber.


What’s Next is designed to give you the research, the data, the current trends and the access to the thought leaders driving the longevity marketplace. You will hear and have access to the latest research in health, wellness, fitness, aging in place and caregiving. Caregiving and aging in place today are where the Internet was in l996. The same energy, passion and net weaving of investors, entrepreneurs and corporations are pivoting into this marketplace. The significance now is that we have stories to tell and strategies to share about entering the market and scaling your business.


Boomers and their adult children are choosing entrepreneurship. For boomers this is a reimagining of their life, sense of self and purpose. The movie The Intern captures the essence of the how and why. The landscape of learning and figuring out the business ecosystem is challenging but a fun! How do you find distribution? What marketing strategies work in a world where Siri can find anything and mobile purchasing is pervasive? Where are the opportunities to serve older adults and grow a business?


Your registration for What’s Next is your one-day passport to the longevity marketplace, and to redesigning your life and business to create value and purpose! Please plan to join us!