Patrick is a seasoned veteran with a passion for innovation. He has spent a career working across the entire healthcare continuum. Patrick partnered with a number of US health systems while working for GE Healthcare followed by his experience as an operator in post-acute care. Patrick attributes his intense discipline to his years as a management consultant with Ernst & Young. This experience proved to be extraordinarily beneficial as it established the very foundation that differentiates Beatha Group.

His idealistic journey led him to start Beatha Group. He believes in being incredibly pragmatic while taking a solution-centric approach. Patrick will tell you the key in building sustainable relationships requires two critical factors – deliver quantifiable value and knowing your role. Depending on your client’s situation, you may need to be a utility player or simply a trusted advisor.

Patrick is a devoted husband and father to four children.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading and is an avid triathlete.  In fact, he has competed in six triathlons in the last two seasons including two half-ironman distances.

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