Business consultant for Fortune 500 companies (including Apple, Audi, IBM, Ideal Life, Panasonic, and others) in strategic development, new business development, and marketing. I have identified, developed, and nurtured key business relationships and projects in digital television, healthcare, advanced digital lighting, consumer products, and personal computers.

My clients value my ability to understand the pulse of a market, to identify and research key market trends, to lead new business projects, to create substantive, long-lasting, and close business and personal relationships, and to appropriately and positively represent them to potential partners and competitors.

I am a regular speaker at major industry trade events throughout the U.S., including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Boomer Business Summit, the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit, AARP Life@50+, and others. I speak on such topics as digital technologies, healthcare, the connected life, and digital television.

For over 20 years, I have contributed my knowledge about digital technologies, the automobile industry, show business, and other subjects as a writer for The New York Times (Business, Circuits, Science, Automobiles, Arts and Leisure sections); the Los Angeles Times, Sound and Vision, Talk Magazine, The Daily Beast (News Corp.), The Daily, Emmy magazine, Playgirl, etc.

Speech writer for Fortune 100 companies. Author of four popular books including the #1 business book, “Taurus: the Making of the Car That Saved Ford” and the film school textbook, “Gaffers, Grips, and Best Boys: Who Does What in the Making of a Motion Picture.”

My newest book, “Does This Plug into That? Simplify Your Electronic Life” was published in January, 2014.