Bob Bailey is the Chairman and CEO of Blue Willow Systems as well as its largest investor.  Blue Willow is a Software-as-a-Service company that offers inexpensive hardware, software, monitoring, and Analytics for the Senior Living industry.  There are over one million senior living residents in the United States.  That number is going to double in the next ten years.  There is going to be a tripling of Memory Care residents in that same timeframe.  The confluence of robust wireless technologies; solid state sensors; and reliable, secure, Cloud services utilizing AI techniques is transforming many industries.  But Senior Living and healthcare is overdue for such a transformation.  Currently, the security and welfare of our parents and grandparents are dependent on often poorly trained hourly employees.  Falls and “elopement” are life-threatening risks to our seniors.  The current approach is a pull-string on the wall or a push button pendant for help.  Blue Willow’s BlueConnect™ technology applies advanced technologies as well as advanced analytics to automate a higher standardized level of care and security for our seniors.  Bob also is a part owner/investor in several Senior Living facilities.


Bob was the CEO and Chairman of PMC-Sierra for over 18 years, a leading provider of broadband communications and storage semiconductor technologies that helped companies like Alcatel, Cisco, HP, Huawei,  NEC, Samsung, Mitsubishi, and EMC build the Internet.  Mr. Bailey joined PMC-Sierra, then a private company, as President and Chief Executive Officer in November 1993.  In 2000 PMC reached one billion in annualized revenues eight years from it’s founding.  In 2008, after re-inventing PMC-Sierra from a telecom-centric company to an Enterprise Storage focused company, he retired from being CEO.  In the “makeover” between 2001-2008 PMC shifted focus to enterprise storage to enable Cloud Computing hardware/software solutions, they shifted much of their market focus and development activities to Asia, and the corporate headquarters were moved to Silicon Valley from Vancouver, BC.  As a result revenues quadrupled in that timeframe.  Pre-tax profits exceeded 25% of revenues when Bob retired and the balance sheet was cash-rich.  Bob remained Chairman for three years to facilitate an orderly transition.  In May of 2011 Bob stepped down as Chairman of PMC-Sierra.


Prior to joining PMC-Sierra in August 1989, Bob joined AT&T’s ME Strategic Business Unit as Vice President of the Application Specific Integrated Circuits. Subsequently, AT&T-ME was spun out of Lucent Technologies as Agere Systems(acquired by LSI Logic).  Bob was also at Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX) from 1979-1989 directly after graduation where he worked mostly in the semiconductor group in various engineering and management roles.


In 2000, Bob Bailey was named “CEO of the Year Award” by Electronic Business and was ranked as one of the “Top Ten CEOs of 2000” by Investor’s Business Daily. In December 1999, PMC-Sierra was awarded “Best Financially Managed Fabless Company” by the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA). The company won the prestigious “Kachina Award” from Cahners’ In-Stat, a semiconductor trade research organization, for being the “Best Financially Managed Fabless Semiconductor Company” in May 1998.


Bob Bailey has been involved in over 20 acquisitions and subsequent integrations.  The most recent being the acquisitions of the storage unit of Avago Technologies (formerly part of Agilent) and the Israeli-based Fiber-to-the-Home leader, Passave.  As a result PMC-Sierra, Inc. became the leading supplier of enabling technologies used to build the next generation Internet to service more advanced applications like video-on-demand, Enterprise Storage, wireless datacom, and Cloud Computing.


Currently, he is also on the Board of Micron Technologies, Inc.(a $25B memory company), and is Chairman and CEO of Blue Willow Systems(a Senior Living resident monitoring system company).  Bob is also investing/building several Senior Assisted Living Facilities in the Pacific NW and is an advisor to, and/or invested in, several private technology companies (such as Movidius(acquired by Intel), Hedvig(Software Defined Storage), Connfianz(Hispanic skin cream company), Mercatus(Investment Lifecycle Management software for the Energy sector), Uplevel Systems(Cloud-based SMB Networking) and others).


Bob and his wife are involved with many charitable endeavors such as the Blaine Boys and Girls Club, Dollar for Scholars, the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Hospital foundation, and the Whatcom Hospice Foundation amongst others.  In 2012, Bob and Lisa Bailey were recognized as “Philanthropist’s of the Year” by PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation.


Bob received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bridgeport (Bridgeport, CT) in May 1979.  In 1983, he received a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Dallas (Irving, TX).  He also attended Stanford Business School’s AEA Executive Program in 1993.