Todd Smith

I'm what you might call an artist entrepreneur. My background is in music, blended with a passion for technology and the startup culture.

It all comes together in myFamilyChannel, a private TV channel that helps residents, families, and staff of senior care communities stay connected through a system that is designed to be simple and safe for the older person.

We believe that bridging the digital divide for analog natives is one of the game changers of our lifetime.

I have spent most of my professional life in the music business, as an artist, producer, and label guy. In 2008 I began to develop digital media and communication strategies for corporate clients, which led to serving as Director of Communications for Signature Healthcare, a leading provider of long-term healthcare and rehabilitation services based in Louisville, KY.

In 2015 I founded SeniorGroup Studios, developers of myFamilyChannel, a healthcare technology team whose mission is to reduce isolation and loneliness in the aging population through digital experiences that are intuitive and delightful, impacting social determinants of health. #sdoh