Candiece Milford is the Managing Director of Marketing for Rhoda Goldman Plaza, home to 142 older adults with varying degrees of aging issues. Her expertise in branding, relationship marketing and revenue generation led to a complete re-branding of this community in a record ten-month period, resulting in a 25% increase in occupancy in that same period.

Previously, Candiece was the Lead Director of Marketing at The Sequoias San Francisco, a Continuing Care Retirement Community where she set a 46-year revenue record. Candiece transferred the innovative knowledge gleaned from her previous graphic design and marketing consulting business to develop a series of informational seminars to seekers of retirement living options.  Known as a thought leader and a firm believer in helping people make informed decisions, she also developed a talk structured to demystify the underpinnings of these various retirement options for the public.

Ms. Milford has successfully ridden major market fluctuations during her career since being co-founder of the early internet site Planetpoint in 1996, from securing initial venture capital through sale just prior to the crash.

Candiece has co-authored a leading university level textbook chapter on CCRC marketing and has spoken at multiple venues including the Commonwealth Club where she is currently an active member in the “Grown Ups Forum.”